Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mister Kabab

Mister Kabab UP Ayala Technohub Branch

The first time I had the experienced to be dined in a Persian/Mediterranean Cuisine was in Cebu City.  I forgot the name of the restaurant and the exact location because it has been half a decade ago.  And, it was something memorable for me because my fiancee now, whom my boyfriend then, treated me in that restaurant, when we had our vacation in Cebu City.  Since then, I had this fascination of that kind of cuisine.  That was my first and last time of my mediterranean cuisine dining experience before that just this few days, we went to Mister Kabab. 

Mister Kabab is offering Middle East and Mediterranean Cuisine that first opened for business in 1987 by two Iranian students.  Mister Kabab branch that I first visited two days ago with my fiancee was in West Ave., Quezon City, a few blocks away from Quezon Ave.  They have an open air dining hall full of wooden tables and chairs.  It's a big place where they have parking lots in front and a much bigger one at the back. Everytime I pass by West Avenue, I can see how fully packed they are...  and who can never get a glimpse of their place at night whenever you'll pass by there...  They have lots of lights that illuminate an orange/yellow color.  Due to that color even though they have lots of it, it doesn't give much light.  It's like i'm havin' a candle lit dinner. :)  I hope they could switch it into a more well-lighted lights. Well, maybe, people from Persia/Iran loves that kind of light. :) 

       Special Beef Chelo Kabab P120                                                                          Ox Brain  P75

I'm thankful that the waitress came to our table is very approachable since it was our first time to go there.  Well, she told us that their house specialty is the Special Beef Chelo Kabab, Lambchop (forgot the exact name), Chicken Chelo Kabab and the Shawarma Plate.  Well, we ordered 2 Special Beef Chelo Kabab, Grilled Garlic and Tomato, Ox Brain (she added this as their specialty later), and mango shake.  The rice in Special Beef Chelo Kabab is like two cups of serving.  I love it! I've finished it all but I can't take the Ox brain because it tasted like "Balut" (duck's egg).  Well, my fiancee loved it instead.  The mango shake is just too sweet.  I'd like it a lil' bit of sweetness.  So far, after that I felt contented and full and I told myself to try out next time their Shawarma Plate.

You know what??!!!  We came back the next day for lunch at their other branch in UP Ayala Technohub which is very near to my house.  If I just knew it, I should have saved our gas yesterday.  Well, their place in Technohub is very much smaller from their place in West Ave.  It's an airconditioned place but they also have an open air space in front and at the back.  We seated in the back because the view is awesome.  There's a pond and many tress.  I'm a nature lover, by the way.  

We ordered Shawarma Plate (as I've had mentioned that it will be my next dish to be ordered), Keema, Eggplant with Yoghurt, Yoghurt Shake, Canned Pepsi, and three rice.  The price here is a bit higher from their branch in West Ave.  I think it's because of the area and it's air-conditioned.

The eggplant with yoghurt is just kinda' very sour to my taste (what do we expect from yoghurt) coz' there's a lot of yoghurt than eggplant.  I am more into it if there will be more eggplant and less yoghurt. :)  The shawarma plate and keema is great!  Yoghurt shake is heaven!  Well, I could come back more... So far the foods are great when you're looking for this kind of cuisine.  Also,  very affordable price for a Persian/Mediterranean Restaurant compared to other dishes with this same kind.  Just prepare 200 pesos and you could have a descent meal.  No service charge! :)

Shawarma Plate P99

                                                                  Keema  P77

                                                                Eggplant with Yoghurt P115

                                                                Rice is always with butter P33

                                                   Yoghurt Shake P60 /  Canned Pepsi P35

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