Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cello's Doughnut and Dips

After we ate pizza from Gino's Brick Oven Pizza for the first time,  just a few steps beside it, you can reached the Cello's Doughnuts and Dips in Katipunan Ave.  It is located in the 2nd floor of Mercury Drugstore. And it is gonna be my first time too in Cello's. :)

I ordered these 6 flavors.  What I love about this doughnut is the softness and creamy feeling when it landed on your palate.  My fave flavors are the cheese, oreo and chocolate.  These flavors belong to the Cello's Original variant.  Though it's not that very special for me but I dig it due to its softness and flavorful taste which is in the right amount of sweetness.  And very affordable! Just a tip, it is best eaten when it's hot or freshly baked.  Just put it in a microwave oven to make it hot again. ;) (Check the box for instruction)

On my 2nd visit... Due to my sweet tooth and craving.  I bought one box of assorted cocktails doughnut in their SM North store.  Still, it never fails me.  I love it. You can't compare this brand of doughnut to others because it is simply different.  I'd like to taste their Premium Doughnut which is the Dark Belgian Chocolate flavor.  Maybe next time when I can visit Manila. :)

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