Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ultra Mobile Personal Computer

Since I had seen the 1st UMPC that laid on my eyes when I was in Macau last year of November, I already had this yearning to buy one... Well, it was the ACER eeePC in which the available were 2Gig and 4Gig that made me yearned for... I just love how it look with its' different colors and how cute the size is... The only thing that keeps me from not buying, was how little the internal storage it had during those times. So, I bought instead an ACER ASPIRE laptop with 80Gig HD, crystal webcam 1.3mp, 14inches monitor, DVD multi-disc and etc...

Well, to give you more UMPC available here in the Philippines. Check this link for UMPC comparison during April of this year... Just for you to have an idea...

Later last month of this year, I bought two UMPC, the Deep BLUE H1 and the ASTONE UMPC because of its' price down... At first, I bought Blue H1 somewhere in SM North for a price of 13500 because it was charged thru credit card for preferred payment for 1year and for an XP OS... It should only be 11495 for cash, if Linux 9995. Then, the next day I went to Gilmore to buy another BLUE H1 coz' my brother asked me to buy for him too... Well, as I was looking, I saw at PC Corner that they have Deep BLUE H1 and ASTONE UMPC for a lowered price of 9995 both... If replaced for XP OS, BLUE H1 priced at 11495 and the ASTONE UMPC priced for 11995. But, I bought the other one which is the ASTONE UMPC coz' of its' added 30Gig from its' previous 30Gig, so, 60Gig already! For the price of 9995pesos... Added features like the slot for webcam, VOIP phone or TV tuner... And it has stylus (touch screen panel)... I personally installed a licensed XP OS on my ASTONE UMPC... So, I saved 2000pesos... ;-)

Friday, August 15, 2008

Choco Hazelnut from CHOCOLAT

I've been diggin' into this cake for quite a while now... Everytime I do go malling at SM North, it will never be complete if I can't buy a 2 slices of my fave cake shop "CHOCOLAT" located at the Block section of SM North.

At first, as I could remember, my sis was the one who invited me to try their cakes coz' I think we've watched it in 100% Pinoy segment about tablea chocolates... Well, just happened that I was convinced to try and bought their Deep Dark Classic coz' of its dark chocolate flavored... Then I've tried their Death by Tablea... Wow! A real death for me... hehehe... But the cake that I certainly say that made me CRAVE for is their CHOCO HAZELNUT flavor... Wow! A taste of quite dark choco and a mixed of hazelnut flavor... Top on it is a real hazelnut choco bar... hmmm mmm... yum yum...

What it differs from other cakes I've tasted is their perfect moist and fudgy texture... add to it for their not so sweet with a tempting taste of dark choco... Well, I'm no good at describing foods... But all I can say, this is the BEST cake for me...

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

2nd Nail ART

I just wanna show you my 2nd art work:

My capture was not clear... Well, i just made a flower again... flowers are just easy to make... and they're lovely as a nail art.

Local Obagi

I bought this package of local obagi from Mai-mai, a schoolmate from HS. Well, what made me to try this product is with this phrases they used in selling this product.

"Have you always wondered why celebrities have smooth rosy cheeks and glowing radiant skin?
The secret is now revealed!!!

The Obagi System recognizes that your skin is a living organ with interacting functions. Restoring the health of your skin cannot happen if you merely treat the symptoms. To achieve (and maintain) skin health, you must correct the underlying problems and stimulate the growth of new, radiant, healthy skin cells. The Obagi Skin Care System meets this challenge with a daily program of Six easy steps.

The goal of the Obagi Skin Care system is to create soft, radiant-looking skin; to increase skin tolerance to environmental assault, and to restore normal skin functions. In the first phase of the treatment, when your skin is red and dry, you may need to add the Control step to minimize these temporary discomforts."

Well, frankly speaking, I think it has some great results on me. Try to look at this photos for differentiation.

This photo was taken a week before I used the product.

This photo was taken a week after using the product.

I am still expecting some more great results on me... Actually i have no complaints of my former routine for my face rituals... It is just that maybe this local obagi can make my skin more glowy and blemishes free. I sometimes complaint of blackheads on my face... So, maybe using this product can eliminate it... Well, so far, so good... I am using this local obagi for more than a week now... So, got more time to know how it works well... I just have a slight peeling and some stingy sensation when i applied the product.

Well, I am gonna update you guys of what will be the result. Ciao!

Havaianas HIGH

I bought a HIGH Havaianas coz' i am not really into flats...

So, I was excited wearing it going to the mall. But to my dismay, I got blisters from wearing it. OMG! I can't even walk well at that day coz' it was really hurt.

So, everytime I am using my High Havs flip-flop I put a band-aide on that part where i had blisters. But days went by, I got used to it and i don't exactly wearing any band-aides... But unfortunately, just yesterday when i wore it goin' to Quiapo... It did hurt again...

So, until now, i am not using my havs yet coz' I just need to make this blister heal first before I'm gonna use it again.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My very own NAIL ART...

I polished my nails and I am so contented of what I did on it... Simple but cute... hehehe... Got a photo of it... I made a flower with a stem and leaves...

Here's my NAIL ART STARTER KIT... :-)
I bought some of those in Macau.

I did for the last two weeks...

It has been a while since I wrote something in here. Well, I had some photos taken in my cellphone and digicam to narrate what had happened to me for those past weeks... Since my Sis' Faith is addicted to Starbucks, everynight, she and our pal Sam always went out late at night just to have a cup of coffee... coz' of my boredoom here at home, I joined them one night... Well, here are our pics...

Photo1= It's me with Sam Photo2= My Sis' Faith ( she was not on the mood when I took that... hehehe) Photo3= Obviously, me

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Bean sprouts & cabbage with OYSTER SAUCE (easy & fast to cook vegie dish)

I woke up around 11 in the morning. I just got 4 hours of snooze coz' I sleep at around 7 am. Got a little dizziness when I woke up. My body clock now needs a complete 8 hours of sleep to feel so much alive.

Got a chance to chat with Paul (my bf, he's working in Macau) at around 12noon. He was a bit busy at work so, we haven't had that much conversations in YM. I told him to chat with me after his work in any cafe's outside his flat coz' I miss his voice and I wanna see him over the cam. But I was a bit disappointed of him coz' he said he doesn't have time to chat with me in YM so he'd rather call me over my cellphone. He said he's too tired to go outside and he have to do his laundry. Well, I am just in the state of "tampo"... coz' sometimes I seek attention too much. Well, I just ended our chat by signing out.

Around 5pm, I went to Robinson's Supermarket in Berkeley Square to have my grocery. I came across in this section of different sauces. Then I saw this Oyster sauce... I was thinking if I pick Teriyaki or Oyster sauce... coz' I want to cook something tasty for my dinner. This will be my first time to use those kind of sauces in cooking coz' before I am just using plain soy sauce. I thought of having a stir-fry vegetable kind of cooking. So, I picked up Oyster Sauce and got vegetables (bean sprouts and cabbage). I just thought of cooking this dish...

Bean sprouts and cabbage with oyster sauce

Here's how I did it:

Ingredients: 1tsp Vegetable Oil
1 Onion
3 cloves of Garlic
3 leaves of laurel
Minced Black pepper
1/4 kg of bean sprouts
half of cabbage sliced thinly
oyster sauce

* Sautee the spices until light brown, add the bean sprouts and after 30secs. add cabbage. Stir fry. Then lastly add a a desired amount of Oyster sauce depends on your taste. Sprinkle the minched black pepper... Stir fry again. Serve... :-) It is good to have wok for easier stir frying of vegies.

Girl's Night Out

It's been awhile since I haven't had any night out with girl friends... So, when my Sister Faith and our friend Sam invited me to go with them, I just said yes. First, we went in Starbucks to have some coffee sessions but I had a little argument with my sister so, it didn't went well. We planned to go either in Mc Donalds and have some burger coz' actually i never had any meal eaten on that day. Obviously I am just starving to death... hehehe... Then after we finished eating, we decided to go to a Videoke Bar near our house...

It's HAVANA KTV BAR and RESTO which is situated in Visayas Ave. It was already 1 in the morning so we have 2 more hours of singing... coz' it closes at 3am. We had so much fun singing... shouting out all we've got... hehehe

We agreed with each other that FRIDAY NIGHT will be our videoke night... so, until next friday again...

Photo taken inside the KTV room... while Sam was singing... :-)