Saturday, May 3, 2008

Bean sprouts & cabbage with OYSTER SAUCE (easy & fast to cook vegie dish)

I woke up around 11 in the morning. I just got 4 hours of snooze coz' I sleep at around 7 am. Got a little dizziness when I woke up. My body clock now needs a complete 8 hours of sleep to feel so much alive.

Got a chance to chat with Paul (my bf, he's working in Macau) at around 12noon. He was a bit busy at work so, we haven't had that much conversations in YM. I told him to chat with me after his work in any cafe's outside his flat coz' I miss his voice and I wanna see him over the cam. But I was a bit disappointed of him coz' he said he doesn't have time to chat with me in YM so he'd rather call me over my cellphone. He said he's too tired to go outside and he have to do his laundry. Well, I am just in the state of "tampo"... coz' sometimes I seek attention too much. Well, I just ended our chat by signing out.

Around 5pm, I went to Robinson's Supermarket in Berkeley Square to have my grocery. I came across in this section of different sauces. Then I saw this Oyster sauce... I was thinking if I pick Teriyaki or Oyster sauce... coz' I want to cook something tasty for my dinner. This will be my first time to use those kind of sauces in cooking coz' before I am just using plain soy sauce. I thought of having a stir-fry vegetable kind of cooking. So, I picked up Oyster Sauce and got vegetables (bean sprouts and cabbage). I just thought of cooking this dish...

Bean sprouts and cabbage with oyster sauce

Here's how I did it:

Ingredients: 1tsp Vegetable Oil
1 Onion
3 cloves of Garlic
3 leaves of laurel
Minced Black pepper
1/4 kg of bean sprouts
half of cabbage sliced thinly
oyster sauce

* Sautee the spices until light brown, add the bean sprouts and after 30secs. add cabbage. Stir fry. Then lastly add a a desired amount of Oyster sauce depends on your taste. Sprinkle the minched black pepper... Stir fry again. Serve... :-) It is good to have wok for easier stir frying of vegies.

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