Friday, February 25, 2011

On the street of Pedro Gil,, Manila... Beware!!!

Just a weird experience while walking along Pedro Gil... a woman, around late thirties, begged just to have some amount of money... her first introduction, as quoted, "miss lam mo ba yung... (long paused, i thought she was aking for a direction coz' she looked lost) kasi nakakahiya man' ito pero kanina pa nga ako nakatayo doon, may mamang nag snatch ng purse ko at andun mga ATMs at pera ko"  She said a man grabbed her purse, all her ATMs and money were there and she told me that she needed 20plus pesos just to get her home.  I told her that I know there's a lot of "manloloko" so, I can't give her my trust that easy. She was crying while begging.  I was quite convinced but there were still some doubts in my mind.  So, i told her i'll give her 20pesos even it's true or not, just to end it up.  Then she said to add 5pesos coz' 25pesos is her exact fare.  She said, as quoted, "Sige na, gawin mo ng 25pesos, ibabalik ko rin yun' sau, loloadan na lang kita mamaya, kunin ko number mo ha!"...  I got curious with it... if she's telling the truth, she should have been thankful with my offer but she isn't.  I told her to go to the police station and report what happened to her but she doesn't want to, she reasoned out that it will only make her stay long in the police station...  Then i advised her to get a cab and pay it when she get home... She answered that she can't coz' only her two sons are at home and her husband is at work...  We even argued for a minute for what she'll do... coz' she had many reasons to my advises... the only thing that can solve her problem is getting a 25pesos... hahahaha... She even said, as quoted " Grabe ka naman nagpadagdag lang ako ng limang piso, ayaw mo na magbigay!" (in a demanding way of facial expression while she said that).

The ending, i gave her 10pesos and told her call ur friends thru payphone or get a load.  But she said 10pesos is not enough.  hahaha

I got annoyed with her so, i just told her, " i already have my own problems and don't add yours to mine".  I hurriedly walked away from her...

Thinking about it all over again made me laugh now!

For you guys, do you think she's telling the truth or just one of the "manloloko" gangs just to get your attention..????

x'ss:  i don't look at her eyes that constant coz' i was afraid she's one of the group who hypnotize their victims just by looking straight in their eyes.

Here are the comments of my friends in Facebook:

    • Jarold Santiago manloloko yan grace. kung lilibutin mo taft avenue magugulat ka sa dame ng nanakawan at nanghihingi ng pamasahe hahahaha!
      23 hours ago ·
    • Grace Barretto Balderas hahaha... oo nga pero at 1st mukhang totoo eh kc umiyak pa sya dahil nga hiyang-hiya daw sya sa ginagawa nya na paghingi ng pera sa stranger... well, dahil sa dami nyang rason.... nainis na ako at naisip ko na manloloko yun. takot lang ako kc baka may kasamang iba at baka ma hypnotize ako hehehe. :)
      23 hours ago ·
    • Mae Rud Perater sakto lang ginawa mo Grace... delikado na panahon ngayon. yon iba nga naka formal pang attire, d mo akalaing manloloko pala...
      20 hours ago ·
    • Star Cazar hay naku gra u juz did d right thing ako un inaway ko na un na sya pa nanhingi sya pa un nagagalit,she cant force u noh to give u d amount she demanded d nman nya pera un.maka highblood ha
      17 hours ago ·
    • Grace Barretto Balderas ‎@junna: korek ka dyan, kaya nga dapat di' tayo agad maniniwala sa mga taong bigla na lang lalapit sa'tin. mahirap na kasi! :)
      @star: hahaha... napi-picture out ko na kung ano gagwin mo strel. malamang tameme yun' sau. :)
      5 hours ago ·

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