Wednesday, February 9, 2011

RN Heals Successful Applicants

I was expecting that the list for RNheals successful applicants will be posted last Monday, Feb.7 in the official website of the said project.  But, to my dismay, it wasn't there.  I've been checking it out for the whole day and even the next day.  Luckily, today at around 8pm, I checked it out again and the list is already posted.  The hometown I've applied for is not yet posted but I had the chance to chat from my former colleague in the former hospital i've had worked for... She said that she got a text message from the local DOLE in our province last Monday stating about her interview on Friday and orientation on Feb 14-15.  I asked her how did she apply for the project and she answered that she went in the office of our local DOLE to pass her application. 

I just knew now that other applicants were already given an information about their initial interview as early as last week of January while other municipalities already chosen their candidates.  Some of the successful applicants received a text message or an email for their being part of the project is earlier than it's posted.  Well, what the heck is happening with this project??!!!  As what their website said that starting Feb.7, they will be posting the successful applicants.  Well, it was posted just earlier tonight!  Is this another "backer system" of choosing their candidates???  I hope not.  Congratulations to the successful applicants!!!  :)

You can check in this link if you're one of the successful applicants:

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