Sunday, February 6, 2011

Koryo Korean Barbecue

One night my sister came to me and let me taste a food she said she bought in the mall.  It was the garlic potatoes of Koryo Korean Barbecue in SM North Sky Garden near the overpass that linked SM and Trinoma.  At first, I hesitated to taste it because i'm not in the mood to eat.  But, she persisted me to eat it .  She got a spoonful from the bowl and trying to put it in my mouth.  So, I just get the spoon from her and eat it.  Wow! I was speechless for a moment because it tasted the way i want it.  Sweet with a hint of saltiness!  It's a winner! 

The first time I dined there is when I was with my fiancee.  The staffs were nice to us especially when we said it was our first time to try out their food.  The ambiance is simple but modern and stylish.  Ordering is like in a canteen style.  Order by the counter and choose your side dishes available there then pay for it.  They insisted that we should have their Koryo's Jumbo Combo, good for two persons.  It is consisted of 2 rice already.  So, we ordered their Koryo Jumbo Combo which have beef, ribs, chicken and spicy wing with 4 side dishes. We selected 2 garlic potatoes, kim chee and macaroni salad.  I love the tenderness of the beef and ribs, as well as the taste.  But, we just hated the taste of the chicken and spicy wing.  It's kinda' tasted different maybe because of the spices or sauce used for marinating it.  Well, for us, we just don't like it.  The side dishes are all great!  As usual garlic potatoes are the best!  

What I hated more is their mango juice, it's just an ordinary mango juice tasted like the Tang's Mango juice powdered sachet.  Yuckkk!  I don't like it.  I hope they will change it into a mango puree juice.  I'm a mango juice lover... That's why, I said that.  

I still highly recommend this restaurant because of their wonderful side dishes, very tender and tasty beef and ribs, and affordable foods...  Next time, I'll try their other dishes and drinks, maybe more of it are great. 

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