Sunday, February 6, 2011

Napoleones by Roli's Bakeshop

After from our worship service in Bago Bantay, Quezon City (INC Church) last Sunday afternoon, me and my sis, decided to walk going to SM North.  I think that's a one kilometer of walk... hahaha...  We didn't have the choice to bring our car coz' someone from our neighbors parked their cars blocking the way.  We were in a hurry so, we don't have the time to look for the owners.  Well, back to Napoleones...  :)  At that day, Sunday at Feb.6, it was the 3days sale of SM North.  There were lots of people bustling around the mall.  So, we ate our merienda in Wham Burger at The Block (my fave burger).  I'll blog about it next time. hehehe...  Then after that,  we're on our way home, we passed by in this green cart.  It's Roli's Bakeshop!!!  Then, I spotted the little cute white squared pastry which i've been binging before.  It is exactly located in SM NOrth The Block 2nd floor near the SM Appliances Center.  When I was a Fitness First Member, after my work-out in there, i will always get a box of it before i go home. :)
Napoleones is originated in Bacolod City.  That's why the other two branches are in Bacolod City.  It is a small pastry, square in size, creamy custard inside and sugar glaze on top.   It is like peach mango pie in Jollibee because of its outside crust but the Napoleones has a lighter texture and crispiness.  It is also similar to Deli Manjoo because of the creamy custard inside as its filling.  For just 100 pesos in one box which have 6 pcs, of Napoleones.  I just hope they'll make a less sugar glaze on top because due to its thickness, you'll feel "umay" with it.  But, still, Napoleones is one of the best pastry for me. 

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