Saturday, January 29, 2011

Golden Fortune Seafood Restaurant

Who never love chinese foods?  For those haters of this cuisine... I tell you now, you miss half of your life.   Honestly speaking aside from Italian cuisine as the top of my list, chinese cuisine is next to it.  We are surrounded with Chinese cultures and many of Chinese people already settled here for good.  If Chinese people is everywhere, Chinese foods too. :)

 Since I was a kid I love siopao, pancit and chicken feet.  Those are Chinese foods, before I thought it was our own foods.  As what they've said, Philippine cuisine is a gastronomic feast from different countries and cultures from east to west.

Going to Quaipo is an adventure for me because shopping and "gala" have been the easiest way of de-stressing myself.  Walking through the Quiapo church, Raun and Sta.Cruz...  I even got myself far until Ongpin, Binondo wherein you could see different Chinese Restaurants.  I've tried many restaurants around that part but still my most favorite one is the Golden Fortune Seafood Restaurant.  My fiancee's Chinese pal told us about this restaurant and guess what we've been a fan since 2006.  Then, my fiancee is working abroad and i'm in the province, we haven't had a choice to visit it anymore as often as we would love to.  But, when he's here in the Philippines and if i'm here in Manila, we never let our vacation pass, of not visiting it.    

Last week, we visited it again and we ordered Chicken Feet, Taro Siomai (i forgot the real name), rice rolls, and mini-pot Seafood and Meat Combination (Shabu-Shabu).  So far, I love their shabu-shabu.  It's tasty and the veggies are fresh.  Their one mini pot which is good for one person, according to their menu is actually good for 2-3 persons.  Very reasonable prices especially when you go in their PROMO time (Please refer to my photo for the time of their promo).  They have another branch which is located in Kalaw.  I've never been there and i hope I could visit there too.

Writing this blog is making me crave for dimsums and hot pot (shabu-shabu).  I will visit there again this week.  :)

FYI:  They have Facebook Fanpage, just add them (for inquiries and more infos)

Mini-pot Seafood and Meat Combi

Fresh mango shake 

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