Tuesday, January 18, 2011

RN Heals Project Registration or Application

I just applied in the new project of the government for registered nurses for local service.  This new project is similar to NARS (Nurses Assigned to Rural Service) that was implemented by former Pres. Gloria Arroyo last February of 2009.  I was then a NARS Project Trainee and i completed the said contract for 6 months wherein I was deployed in our hometown in Lezo, Aklan.

RNheals or Registered Nurses for Health Enhancement and Local Service is the new project by the Department of Health (DOH) in collaboration with the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) with the cooperation of DOLE, PRC, PNA and the LGU.  Unlike NARS Project, RN Heals is a 1 year deployment with public and clinical service.  The successful nurses will be given an allowance of 8,000 pesos per month.  As on the website of DOH, in the article regarding RN Heals, it said that "While on deployment, the nurses will be given an allowance of P8,000 a month by the DOH while the local government unit (LGU) where they are assigned shall supervise them, ensure their safety and security, and provide modest board and lodging. Likewise, LGUs are encouraged to provide additional allowances and benefits worth at least P2,000 for these nurses."  So, it should be a total of 10,000 pesos per month of allowance.

These are the qualifications for the RN Heals Project according to their website.  Unemployed registered nurses who are physically and mentally fit and willing to serve in their hometowns and who meet the following requirements may qualify for the training cum deployment under RNheals:
  • With valid nurse license issued by the PRC
  • Resident of the identified CCT area/s
  • Medical certificate issued by government hospital starting that the applicant is fir to work
  • NARS Project drop-outs will not be considered
Earlier yesterday, I was having difficulties to get into the website of DOLE.  As they've said, it is where the applicant can register or send his/her application.  So, I've waited for the whole day of January 17 just to register myself.  But to my dismay, I successfully registered myself at past 2 in the morning today of Jan.18.  Well, that time was better because most of the applicants were sleeping already. So, the website for registration was not busy.  Lucky me!

Here's my application:

Online Application Confirmation
You have successfully submitted your online application for the RNheals Project!

Control no.
Applicant name
PRC license no.
Provincial address
Lezo, Aklan
Preferred city/municipality of assignment
Malinao, Aklan
Registration date
1/18/2011 2:51:47 AM

Print this confirmation slip and wait for the advice from DOLE regional office shown below for interview and/or submission of Medical and NBI clearances, if necessary.

Swan-Rose Bldg., Commission Civil St., Jaro, Iloilo
Tel. no. (033) 320-8026

Also, please visit http://rnheals.dole.gov.ph/ every once in a while to view the status of your application and to check the latest advisories about the project.

Reminder: Don't try this link because it's not yet working http://rnheals.dole.gov.ph/ .  If ever you can't get through the website of DOLE. www.dole.gov.ph.  Try this link:  http://www.nars.dole.gov.ph.  It is where I've had registered myself.  The website name they're using was the former website for NARS Project that they only updated the articles inside for rnheals project.  Registration or application period is from Jan.17 until Feb.4.  Goodluck RNs!!! :)

UPDATE on Jan. 28, 2011:  DOLE is now using new site for the RN Heals Project.  To apply for the project, pls. go to this link http://www.rnheals.dole.gov.ph


joannecute_42 said...

hi,,i just wanna ask if we should submit the confirmation slip to DOLE regional office we want to apply?kasi ung iba pinapasa nila pero wala nmn nakalagay sa site na ipapasa..ano un wait lang ba tayo ng txt or email na galing DOLE? tnx...godblesss..:)

Amazin' Grace said...

hi joannecute_42! yah, no need to submit it... As what the DOLE said we just have to wait for their text or email for any updates for our application. :)

Mj said...

hi.. may nag-email na ba sa inyo for interview? Will they accept yong mga new nurses na on process palang ang license? tnx and Godbless..

Amazin' Grace said...

i think there'll be no interview... if you get the slot for RN heals, you'll be notified for the orientation. :)

Mj said...

Thank you.. so call ka nalang nila.. to inform kung pasok ka? pero, are the accepting those nurses whose license are not yet available?

karenjoy said...

,,,halu,i just wanna ask if kelan nila labas ung result ng mga rn n nakuha for the project?
tnx lot
just heard kc n my mga nakuha daw d2 sa amin noon e jan17-feb 4 pa naman ung aplication?

Mj said...

@karenjoy..saan yong lugar niyo? my napili na sila pero wala p yong list of applicants?

Amazin' Grace said...

hi karen, ang alam ko at sabi doon sa RN heals before ay sa feb7 nila ipost ang list of successful applicants. baka sabi-sabi lang yan sa lugar nyo... pero pede din totoo kung may mga backer ang mga taong yun sa gobyerno... palakasan system malamang! kc naman government project kc ang RN heals eh, diba!

jampol said...

klokohan 2ng prject n 2..may mga nadeploy n s lugar nmin kht wla png npost n result..nd worst ndi nmn tgadun.,.smntlng kmi n tga dun mismo ndi mn lng nbigyn ng chnce... tsk..wt a gvrnment we have..

Mj said...

grabi naman..!! parang nakakawalang pag-asa naman ang ganyang system.. so it means naghired na sila without proper screening. what a nice government.

Amazin' Grace said...

jampol and mj,

kung ang mga AFP nga may mga anomalya, ano pa ba kaya ang RN heals na maliit na proyekto lang ng gobyerno... hehehe. asahan na natin yan'! that's our government! palakasan system. but i hope in other provinces, hindi ganyan mangyari. i only hope so... :)

aqui said...

wla pding allowance from the doh!..halos 3months n kmeng nag-wwork pro wla pdn...doh, mrs. emma, anu b yan????....

Amazin' Grace said...

@aqui: i hope by now, you already have your allowance. coz' just like before in NARS project, we've had waited for almost 3months too. Just be patient! :)

maricel said...

helo...kelan kaya next na application??

maricel said...

hello po..kelan po kaya next na application?? d ksi ako nakapag apply nun