Sunday, November 7, 2010

Brow Definist by Maybelline

I was born with a messy and short eyebrows.  That's why I am very specific when it comes to it.  I've been dealing with it since I was in my teenage years. It was one of the thing I hated in my face before.  hahaha... You know how a teenage girl think those days... very conscious on how they look. :) I've never been appreciative of what I have.  Eventhough, I was elected as a muse in my school for how many times.  But, I guess, I just lacked self-confidence before. hehehe... Well, I'm glad that plucking was introduced to me when I was 16 and before I entered my freshman year in college,  I knew how to do it well. 

My Virgin Eyebrow ;) 

The 1st time I've learned how to pluck ;)

Over confident of plucking could lead to a disastrous result.  There were times when I over plucked it. So, I needed an eyebrow pencil to correct it.  But sometimes, shaping it the way you'll gonna love it, ain't easy.  I've been dealing with different eyebrow pencil that was available in the local stores.  But sometimes to my dismay, i could make myself looked funny because of torturing my eyebrow with different style and color.  I've tried almost all local eyebrow pencils even the one sold in the streets"bangketa" (made in China) and those fancy branded products, I've tried some and the last one was Revlon's Color Stay Eyeliner in brown, which the beauty advisor from where I bought it told me that I can use it in my eyebrow.  Still i'm not happy with the result.

Due to my persistence of looking for a great brand for my eyebrow pencil.  I've found one, Ever Bilena, a local brand that can be found in any stores here in the Philippines.  I was using it everyday for my make-up regimen.  I love the color because it suited my hair color  It's very smooth, glides easily when applied and doesn't leave dark marks too.  

  Ever Bilena ( local brand) eyebrow pencil in brown

But I've seen many times in TV, movies and magazines, the different look of the eyebrows of these actresses.  I know, I'm the last one to know this thing...  I've spotted that it's not a work of a pencil because it's more natural looking and with a thick defined eyebrows. I didn't mind it for some time because I am contented with how I manage my eyebrow.  But. for some time, it made me think how pretty it will be to me.  You know, I'm always opt for changes.  I love having a new look once in a while.  

I was introduced to this kind of eyebrow style, when I've been a Facebook fan of Maybelline Philippines (mascaras... yeay!)  I've seen a lot of reviews form the fans that how they loved Maybelline's Brow Definist.  So, to my curiousity, I went to the mall and bought it.  I asked the beauty advisor if she was using it, she said yes and she told me the advantages of brow definist from an eyebrow pencil:  Easy to apply, long and light wearing, and natural looking.  

Brow Definist by Maybelline (02 Brown)

Well, I was delighted of what she said.  So, when I went home. I tried it and practiced using it.  At first... hahaha... again it ain't simple and easy.  But as time went by... I tell you, I'm lovin' it.  My mom for the first time never criticized me of my new eyebrow.  She just told me how pretty it is to me unlike when I was using an eyebrow pencil... So, even Ever Bilena's eyebrow pencil was great.  Maybelline's brow definist rocks! 

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