Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sinigang na Baboy sa Gabi (Pork in Sour Soup with taro)

It was raining hard that day.  That's why, it made me craved for 'sinigang' (sour soup) dish.  This kind of dish is very popular to Filipinos.  We definitely serve this at home mostly every rainy season or just plainly when we feel like it.  And, this can be seen in every menu of Filipinos' Restos or carinderia..

Here's how I do it:

*half kilo of pork meat (i most prefer the belly part)
*2 tomatoes, 1onion, garlic
*6 string beans (sitaw)
*1 big eggplant (talong)
*1 tie of river spinach (kangkong)
*4 small taro roots (gabi)
*3 finger chili pepper (sili haba)
*tamarind (sampalok) or 1 pack powdered tamarind
*fish sauce (patis)

1.  Boil 5 mugs of water with pork meat, tomatoes, onions and garlic.
2.  When it boils for 5minutes, add the taro roots. (If you want a thicker soup, add more taro roots) Keep it  
     boiling for 5 minutes then let it simmer.
3.  When you see the pork is getting tender and the taro roots are making the soup thicker.  Add the string  
     beans, finger chilis and eggplant.  Keep it simmer for awhile until the veggies are moderately done.
4.  Add the tamarind or the powdered one upon your taste.
5.  Then, fish sauce and salt to taste.  Keep it simmer.
6.  Lastly, add the river spinach.  Simmer for a minute.  Then, you're done!
7.  Serve it together with fish sauce and sili labuyo.

*Add more water if needed especially in making the pork's meat tender.

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