Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pinoy Tuna Penne Pasta with Eggplant and Dried Herring

Prior making this, I was watching a segment on TV about a tuna recipe for pasta.  So,  it made me craved to make my own version.  On TV, they made it on a white sauce.  But, as I don't have the ingredients for making the white sauce.  I decided to make this...

"Pinoy Tuna Penne Pasta"

It's a Pinoy version because of the ingredients.  Like, the famous tuyo (dried herring) and patis (fish sauce).  And, the vegetable is the common organic "small" eggplant sold in the public market.  Added with the main ingredient of the canned Tuna which is from the brand of Century Tuna.  One of the popular canned tuna brand in the Philippines.  

*Penne Pasta 400g (use half)
*1can of century tuna (prefer with oil)
*2dried herring 
*grapeseed oil or olive oil
*onion and garlic

1.  Cook pasta according to the package' direction.  Make it "al dente".  Then, set aside.
2.  Saute onion, garlic and tomatoes with grapeseed or olive oil until it turns to light brown.
3.  Add the chopped eggplants and stripped bits of dried herring.  Don't over fry the eggplant.
4.  Add the canned tuna with its oil.  I prefer the hot and spicy variety of the century tuna.  But, if you don't like the spicy one, use other variant with oil.
4.  Add some oil, if needed.
5.  Add the Penne Pasta.  Mix them thorougly.
6.  Lastly, add some drops of fish sauce to taste.  Then mix it again thoroughly.
7.  You're done!  Serve it while it's hot!  

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