Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sauteed Mung Beans with Pork Chicharon

I passed along the shop of Baliwag then, it made me salivate just by looking at their pork chicharon.  I went home with it and ate 2 pieces.  But, guilt striked me.  I am on a diet!  So, I decided to make a dish with it, in a healthy way.  A dish very known on every tables of Filipinos...  Ginisang Monggo or Sauteed Mung Beans.

Mostly this dish is cooked either with shrimps, fish and pork meat.  Some, will add grind chicharon.  But, for my version, as I don't have the other ingredients above, only the chicharon.  I made Chicharon as its main ingredient.


*Chicharon (keep its own form)
*Mung Beans (monggo)
*Eggplant, chop
*Bitter melon leaves (ampalaya leaves)
*onion and garlic
*finger chili pepper (sili haba)
*tomatoes, chop
*fish sauce (patis)

Mung Beans preparation:
*For 6 mugs of water, add mung beans.  Then, let it boil.  Add more water when needed.  Stir occasionally.
*When it's cooked, set aside.

1.  Saute onion and garlic.
2.  Add tomatoes.  Cook until light brown.
3.  Add 1 mug of water.  Let it boil.
4.  Add the chopped eggplants. Boil for a minute.
5.  Add the cooked mung beans.  Just add more water if needed.
6.  Let it boil for awhile.until the mung beans makes the soup thicker.  When it thickens, let it simmer.  Add
     water if you desire for more soup.
7.  Add fish sauce to taste.  Stir.
8.  Lastly, add the amapalaya leaves.  Let it simmer for a minute.
9.  Serve while it's still hot!

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