Saturday, May 14, 2011

Keratosis Pilaris 101

I am suffering with this and had it (as I can remember) since I was 9 yrs. old.  At first there were just little on my upper outer arms... then they got worst as time passes by.  There was a time that it got cured when I went to this dematologist but I stopped the treatment when I go to other places because she was the one who was making the medicines for it.  I even lost the prescriptions she gave me so, I already forget her name.  I even went to the clinic where she works but nobody can give exact idea where that dermatologist is.  So, for having it for a very long time.  I have my own way of tips for taking care of it, as it will be there forever.

How to remedy rough skin

You'll need these following items: 
1. Buff Puff for body scrub or any exfoliating body scrubs
2. DOVE soap (original)
3. Any milk salt scrub (i'm using A'bonne)
4. Lotion - use products with 24hrs. stay moisture, oats-to minimize itchiness and redness, milk-for moisture
               (i'm using BENCH OatMilk Body Lotion and Vaseline total moisture)
               - Try Avon Moisture Therapy (not available right now here in our country)

When bathing, use the DOVE soap then scrub the areas where there's KP.  Scrub it in circular motion.  Don't overdue it because it might lead to irritation.  Just be sure it clears up.  Then, rinse.  Apply ample amount of milk salt and scrub it to your affected areas.  Leave it for 3minutes and rinse afterward.  Lastly, apply the lotion and just be sure you have lotion wherever you go.  Apply lotion when needed. :)

- Eat healthy diet.
- Have a sunbath/sauna once a week.

- shave your legs/arms with KP.
- prick


yumyum said...

TRy Aveeno products, they do wonders for skin conditions. :)

Amazin' Grace said...

What specific product of Aveeno? Do you have KP? :)