Sunday, May 15, 2011

Turtles Family KTV (Havana Family KTV Rooms)

For a cheaper videoke hang-out with your friends.  Just visit any Havana Family KTV Rooms' outlets.  Me and my friends are an avid "suki" of their outlet located in Visayas Ave., Quezon City just near Yellow Cab.  Though the place is not that fancy looking, all people who go there are barkada and family.  Never had any bad experience there though the place needs more strict sanitation.  Foods serve are all from Baliwag because this KTV Rooms are owned by the Baliwag family.

UPDATE - February 29, 2012

Last week, I passed by the vicinity of Visayas Ave., and I saw that the former Havana Family KTV is now named Turtles Family KTV.  I don't know what's the reason behind and I don't know if it's still under Baliwag.  Maybe next time, i'll invite my friends to go here again and find out why.  :)


kah_2011 said...

hi! how much naman po sa havana per head/hour? was the food ok? :)

Amazin' Grace said...

it was a year ago since my last visit from Havana. I guess, their price list already have changed. But, the food is good. If you have tried Baliwag Restaurant, it's just the same food they're serving. Coz' I guess, Baliwag company owns it. FYI. I saw it yesterday that they have changed the name of Havana into something. I just forget the new name. :)