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Have you ever wonder how many restos are there in the Philippines… (Is it a trivia?) hehehe… Well, i’m just wondering to myself… Just last week while having my window shopping at SM Manila with my friend… I saw this resto named "Mini Shabu-Shabu".  I was intrigued by its name so, I tried to look at its menu coz it was posted outside.  As I looked at it, I definitely can say that it was a Japanese resto. So, a waiter came near us and guided us to where we’ll be seated.  So, I told him that we want to be in their bar area. Then a waitress from the bar, handed me their menu… I can see big red crabs, lobsters and shrimps… Wow, they’re all my faves.  But the prices were all too expensive… coz’ they were all priced as 1thousand pesos above… So, I asked the waitress if there were something suitable just for 2 persons… so, she pointed me to an individual shabu-shabu… and it was only for 330 pesos individually… Well, that was fine already than spending my money for a thousand pesos just for myself… I was looking around the resto when I noticed that in every table there were a boiling pots wherein the customers were likely cooking… So, when the waitress came back, I asked her if i’m going to cook my food which is I don’t know what to do… And she said that for 1st time customer, they will be the one to cook…

This entertaining dish is called shabu shabu because the ingredients are "swished swished" back and forth in a pot of boiling broth. Shabu shabu is one of Japan’s most popular dish cooked at the dinner table and very entertaining for each person actually cooks their own dinner. A wonderful and fun dish to have for dinner parties that involves all your guests.

I higly recommend this resto coz’ it is awesome… very entertaining… and delicious… At my second visit at their branch in Greenhills, I was with my Papa and Sister Faith, well, we ordered their Shabu-Shabu Specialty of the House, we spent more than 2thousand pesos… But it was the best!!! And my Papa was the one who paid the bill… hehehe…

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