Saturday, April 21, 2012

Mei Sum or MYX Restaurant: Cheung Fan and HK style Fried Noodles

Cheung Fan is one of my fave Chinese food which I definitely always crave for.  Cheung fan in English term which is rice (noodle) roll or to some is steamed rice roll.  A Cantonese dish which is commonly served with the other dim sums in around Southern China, Macau and Hong Kong.   This is a roll of rice noodles filled of either shrimps, beef, pork, vegetables or other ingredients but in my experience, I've only tasted the shrimp and beef versions.     Those photos above are both Cheung Fan, at the upper left photo is their dine-in fried Cheung Fan with shrimps while the upper right photo is their Steamed Beef Cheung Fan.  What I love about it especially the one sold in Myx Restaurant or now Mei Sum is their combination of sauces for this dish.  Unlike to some restaurant who also serve this dish even for the fried one is just plainly soysauce.  The Mei Sum Restaurant mixes the combination of soy sauce, Chinese sauce, and peanut butter as sauce for their fried Cheung Fan.  I even ask the staff preparing my Cheung Fan to add some chili sauce.  For their, steamed beef Cheung Fan, it is Chinese soy sauce (kinda' sweet).

Mei Sum or formerly Myx Restaurant is located in Binondo, Manila.  Just a little walk from the building who sell jewelries in Sta. Cruz.  They have this counter outside, along the side of the street, just in front of their restaurant.  They serve there take-out dim sums, fried cheung fan, HK fried noodles, egg tarts and other pastries.  I am always their "suki" for Cheung Fan.  But, this recently when I've tasted their HK fried noodles, it never fails to be included in my take-out order.  

 As what you can see in this photo, it looks like a simple HK fried noodles.  But, no!  There's this certain taste that I love about this.  It's kinda' sweet and spicy.  Added with cabbage and sesame seeds, even without any more ingredients, it's perfect!   The price which is very affordable for a serving which is good for two persons, who will not love this?!  Well, try it to believe it.

My rating for Mei Sum or formerly Myx Restaurant's HK fried noodle and fried/steamed Cheung Fan is perfect 10 from 1-10.  There's this one dim sum, I've tasted that made me not order it again is their pork spareribs, it was not what I expected.  Their is kinda' hard not like the other restaurant which is really tender.   I still go for David's Tea House for that and their yummy soya milk drink.   But, all in all, with the other dishes, Mei Sum or Myx Restaurant is highly recommended.  My rating for their establishment is 6 out from 1-10 because they still have some minor sanitary issues.

By the way, just last month, when I visited there for dine-in with my parents, they gave us free dessert of ice cream in cone.  How generous of them!  Well, the best things in life are free... :)

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