Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dong Bei: The best Kuchai Dumpling in Metro

Mostly, I love going out for a food trip alone.  It makes me enjoy the fact that I can eat whatever I want without any hesitations and limitations. That's the time when I crave for something to munch that only my mood for food gluttony can satiate.  But, of course, dining out with my loved ones is a great moment to enjoy and cherish. Whenever, I am in Manila area, it never fails my mood to visit my favorite food galore area, the Chinatown.  
So, I craved for kutchai (chinese chive) dumpling that day.  Since, I was near the area where I had an appointment.  I directly went to Dong Bei.  I first heard about them way back 2009, since then, I've been a fan of their kutchai dumpling.

Dong Bei in Chinatown, is a small Chinese food shop, located in Yuchengco St. or formerly Nueva St.  The first time I went there, I kinda' lost my way.  So, for you to find it easier...  

Here's my direction:

*Go to the landmark, Binondo Church.
*As you face the church, go to the LEFT side street of the Church. (small corner)
*Walk straight.
*Look straight and you can already see the sign of Dong Bei.  
*You go to the RIGHT side street. (facing the Binondo Church)
*Walk straight and Stop from the intersection.  You can see the Cafe Mezzanine in the right from the intersection.
*Go to the LEFT of the intersection.
*Walk straight until you see a sign of Dong Bei in your RIGHT side.

As you enter the shop, you can see on the right corner table, some staffs making the dumplings' glutinous skin or cover.  For me, it's better that they prepare it there than inside their kitchen which is kinda' dark.  At least, the customers can see how they prepare it.  The downside too, is that the shop is kinda' old and have poor maintenance.  Well, what do we expect from a Chinese small restaurant?!  Especially, that they were from Dong Bei (a guess coz' that's the name of their shop), a province that's somewhere in Northern part of China.  Local foods that made from a native or local chef is an exciting food adventure for me.  It is where you can taste something different and exotic.  Well, as I always say, I am not a picky eater.  It seems to me that it's still very safe to eat there.  Since, they make their dumplings fresh daily.  They also offer numerous dishes based on their wall menus which is kinda' old and never been replaced for ages.  Whenever, I visited their shop, I always have my orders for takeaway.  So, there's no time to taste the other foods they offer.

Kuchai or Kutchai (Tagalog) Chinese Chive (English) Kutsai or Kieu-tsai (Chinese)

Kuchai dumpling is a very sumptuous dimsum for me.  For me, Dong Bei has the best Kuchai dumpling that I've had tasted.  I love the skin which is not so thin and thick.  While the stuffed inside is kinda' tasted creamy.  I guess, they put a little coconut milk on it.  I don't know, but that's just my guess.   :)

The Dong Bei have the pork dumpling and the kuchai one.  It can either be steamed or fried.  It's 100pesos for a pack of 14 pcs. of dumplings.  Not bad for the price right!  

They even sell frozen ones...  So, if you want to stock your fridge with their dumplings, be sure to buy for it.  Anytime you crave for it, you can have it right away. :)


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